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  • Specializing in the Discovery,

    Development, Production

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    Innovative Oncology


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    As of FEB.29,2024

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R&D Field
Strong, Innovation-driven R&D Capabilities
  • Have obtained multiple proprietary global intellectual property rights
  • Multiple global clinical research projects are ongoing simultaneously
  • Have been recognized by authoritative industry institutions
Cancer Types Covered by the R&D Pipeline
Lung Cancer
Breast Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Gynecological Cancer
Hematologic Malignancies
Rich and Balanced Pipeline
  • 1 product – Gumarontinib, an oral highly selective mesenchymal-epithelial transition (MET) inhibitor and a Category 1 innovative new chemical drug has been conditionally approved by NMPA that Haihe owns its global intellectual property rights.
  • 10+ Oncology+Non-oncology compounds in core pipeline, including those in late clinical stage and pre-clinical stage
  • Multiple potential best-in-class compounds are expected to be used in monotherapy or combination to treat major indications
Company Milestones

Haihe Biopharma is an innovation-driven biotechnology company in China focusing on the discovery, development, production and commercialization of innovative anti-tumor drugs. Haihe brings life-saving therapies to cancer patients worldwide. 


    March 2023

    Haihe Biopharma’s Gumarontinib has been approved by NMPA


    March 2022

     NMPA-CDE Grants Priority Review Designation to Haihe Biopharma's Gumarontinib


    February 2022

    The NDA for Haihe Biopharma’s Gumarontinib has been accepted for review by the CDE.


    March 2021

    Haihe established its Japan office


    July 2020

    Haihe completed worth
    1.2 billion yuan Series B Funding



    July 2020

    Haihe completed the reorganization of related group companies. Shanghai Haihe Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co Ltd acquired the stakes of Shanghai RMX Biopharma Co Ltd.


    December 2019

    Haihe established its US office


    October 2019

    Haihe’s Manufacturing Hub set foot in Taizhou China Medical City, with planned investment of 600 million yuan


    April 2019

    Haihe completed the first patient dosing of oral paclitaxel RMX3001 phase III clinical trial for advanced gastric cancer


    February 2019

    Haihe completed Haihe completed $136.6 million Series A Funding


    September 2018

    Haihe reached strategic cooperation agreements with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tigermed, Junshi Biosciences, 3D Medicines, and Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical


    March 2018

    Haihe Pharmaceutical merged with Nuomaixi Pharmaceutical to form Haihe Biopharma Co, Ltd.

I am glad that some research achievements in China in the field of oncology drugs have already been on par with global leaders. Especially in personalized research, China is carrying out projects concurrently with the world, and striving to be a leader in certain aspects.

Academician Jian Ding:
Make Good Drugs that Ordinary People Can Afford

(Xinmin Evening News,2020-11-18)

I often tell myself to work hard and seize every opportunity. I also often inspire my team to develop good drugs that ordinary people can afford, so that new drugs created by Chinese scientists will come onto the global stage as soon as possible.
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