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Haihe Biopharma and Noventi Pharma Reached Collaboration for Innovative Antibiotics

Shanghai, November 9, 2020-- Haihe Biopharma Co., Ltd. , a leading biotech company focusing on the discovery and development of innovative oncology drugs, and Guangxi Noventi Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Noventi”) announced today that the two sides have reached a licensing agreement on Haihe Biopharma’s in-licensed innovative antibiotics, RMX2001. Noventi may carry out the R&D, manufacture and commercialization of RMX2001 in China.

Dr. Ruiping Dong, CEO of Haihe Biopharma, commented, 
"The number of drug-resistant tuberculosis cases in China is rising continuously. We urgently need safer and more effective anti-tuberculosis drugs. It is expected that RMX2001 can provide a better treatment combination for patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis, increase the cure rate and reduce the burden on patients."
Dr. Xianhan Zhuang, Chairman of Noventi Pharma, commented,
"Our country is one of the high incidence areas of tuberculosis in the world. Due to various factors, the number of drug-resistant tuberculosis patients is still increasing. Noventi will speed up the clinical development of RMX2001 for treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis and other Gram-positive bacteria and provide more solutions to severe infections.”
About RMX2001

RMX2001 is a second-generation oxazolidinone analogue. Existing data shows that RMX2001 has strong antibacterial activity and can significantly alleviate the adverse reactions of bone marrow suppression of the same class drugs. It has the potential to treat multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. Haihe's subsidiary RMX Biopharma in-licensed the China rights for R&D, manufacture and commercialization of RMX2001 from South Korea, and completed the phase I clinical study in China.

About MDR-TB

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) refers to tuberculosis in which tuberculosis patients are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro and confirmed that they are resistant to both isoniazid and rifampicin. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) "Global Tuberculosis Report 2020" data, there were approximately 465,000 new rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis cases worldwide in 2019, of which 78% (363,000 cases) were multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The treatment success rate is only 57%, and the case fatality rate is 15%. India (27%), China (14%) and Russia (8%) are the three countries with the largest global burden of drug-resistant tuberculosis.


Chemotherapy is currently the most important treatment for MDR-TB. Chemotherapy regimens include long-term MDR-TB treatment regimen (referring to an 18-20-month treatment regimen consisting of at least 4 effective anti-tuberculosis drugs) and short-term MDR-TB treatment regimen (treatment course is 9-12 months). Clinically, the safety monitoring and management of anti-tuberculosis drugs should be actively carried out for patients receiving MDR-TB treatment, and the adverse reactions of anti-tuberculosis drugs should be detected and dealt with in time. MDR-TB is difficult to treat. It has a long infectious period with high mortality, high treatment cost, and low cure rate. Therefore, the active R&D of new anti-tuberculosis drugs is of great significance to the control of MDR-TB.

About Haihe Biopharma

Haihe Biopharma focuses on discovery, development and commercialization of innovative anti-tumor drugs. Guided by our mission, "Inclusive and open to diversity, innovation oriented to win together and benefit the mankind", Haihe Biopharma insists on the way of independent innovation and pursues global development of China originated innovative drugs. The company is led by an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The senior management team has extensive experiences in drug research and development in China and abroad. Haihe Biopharma has built a precision medical platform guided by biomarkers, and established a fully integrated pre-clinical evaluation technical platform and clinical study system for innovative drugs, with advanced technology and operation in consistence with international standards and norms, covering subunits from compound synthesis, CMC study, biomarker discovery and validation, medical strategy and clinical study, etc. The company has established a globally competitive innovative drug R&D system and robust product pipeline. There are 7 compounds in clinical and 3 compounds in preclinical studies. 

Please visit the company website for more information:

About Noventi Pharma

Noventi Pharma focuses on digestive system diseases and infectious diseases to solve unmet clincial, with the purpose of providing patients with transformative treatments and solving unmet clinical needs. Through the development of innovative and transformative therapies, Noventi aims to treat serious diseases such as intestinal microecological disorders, multi-drug resistant bacterial infections and gastrointestinal tumors. In Noventi’s innovative drug R&D pipeline, Atisamine, the first domestic (the third in the world) small molecule innovative drug for diarrheal irritable bowel syndrome,  is about to complete the phase III clinical trial; the world's first intelligence-assisted diagnosis and treatment system (AI doctor) based on natural language processing (NLP) and functional gastrointestinal medical knowledge base is about to be launched; health products targeting the human microecology have also formed a strategic portfolio. Noventi is meeting patients' medical and healthcare needs from multiple levels and angles. Noventi was jointly established by well-known investors in the biopharmaceutical industry. The series B financing underway was led by Yingke Capital and Tiger Investment.

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